Our Clients' Goal

Empowering People, Fueling Growth

To maximise the effectiveness of their direct and indirect sales teams

Their Drivers / Their Why

Develop Sales Skills

Develop Sales Skills

Not everyone has had formal sales training, and those that have probably had it once and then never retrained. We're here to bridge that gap.

Discounting Price

Discounting Price

Sales people are using price discounting as a sales strategy rather than building up the value of the business. Why drop prices when you can showcase real value?

Competitive Pressure

Competitive Pressure

Standing out in a sea of competition? We've got you covered! Competition is strong putting pressure on pricing, sales people struggle to find value with the unique selling points of their product or service to justify the price.

Limited Resources

Limited Resources

We get it, good sales resources are scarce, and leaders are being asked to hit bigger targets in even tougher market conditions with the same resources but we can help you make the most of yours.



Who doesn't love higher margins?

Retaining the Best Sales Talent

Retaining the Best Sales Talent

Rather than relying on price reductions, salespeople should emphasise building the business value and case.

Transform Your Sales Team's Success

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The Challenges


Finding, growing, and keeping valuable salespeople


Poor sales skills - it's time to up the game


The pressure's on for higher targets


It’s tough out there


Customers want more bang for their buck


We have developed bespoke sales training packages for several multinational companies across a variety of industries.

The Packages

We're not about one-size-fits-all...


  • A bespoke set of materials including a "Whiteboard Value Selling Book" focused on the specific business value that your products and services deliver to your clients.
  • Set up and create an online academy of self-paced video content with workbooks and tasks.
  • Create the sales training package including all the teaching content and materials such as workbooks, case studies, handouts.


Sales training either:

  • Online over 4 or 5, 2 to 3 hour Teams/Zoom meetings
  • 3 days onsite face to face

Plus ongoing 1:1 coaching for sales leaders, group coaching for sales people and deal/account coaching available as required.

Neil Thubron

The Process

  1. Dive deep with a questionnaire and chat sessions to gather all the relevant information. We want to hear from everyone - leaders, sales stars, partners, and even your fantastic customers.
  2. Create the bespoke materials including the "Whiteboard Value Selling Book" and set up the sales academy.
  3. Pull together all the training essentials then develop and record the sales academy (or utilise the Value Selling Academy).
  4. Create all the training materials - from workbooks to case studies.
  5. Develop and deliver the sales training, whether online or face-to-face. And, we're here for ongoing coaching too!